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Why You Should Rent a GE CT Scanner

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Why You Should Rent a GE CT Scanner

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GE CT scanners are among the most popular and sought-after in the market, and rightly so. General Electric creates high-quality and easy-to-use equipment that are easily serviceable. At Catalina Imaging, we have firsthand experience with the reliability and versatility of GE’s products. 


If your facility is experiencing some changes and you’re looking to rent a CT scanner, Catalina Imaging has got you covered. We’re a leading mobile CT scanner provider that offers a wide selection of mobile imaging solutions nationwide. Call us at (844) 949-1664 to learn more about our services.


In this blog, we’ll highlight some of the reasons why you should consider renting a GE CT scanner.


Familiar user interface

Radiologists and technologists are familiar with GE’s software and user interface


Although GE constantly updates its products, the company keeps the same interface in its system. And whenever there are changes to GE CT scanners, they are implemented gradually. This gives users enough time to adapt to the changes.


If your team is proficient with their equipment, they can become more productive and precise with their imaging. 


XR-29 compliant

Generally, GE CT scanners follow XR-29 standards, a set of guidelines issued by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA). Using XR-29-compliant equipment means you won’t suffer a 15% Medicare reimbursement reduction.


The entire GE VCT 64-slice series is already compliant with XR-29. GE units that aren’t natively compliant can be easily upgraded to satisfy the requirements provided by NEMA. 


Service support and parts accessibility 

GE is known for its outstanding customer support. In addition, there has been an increase in GE CT equipment in the past few decades, which increased GE service engineers all over the world. 


Additionally, it’s easy to find GE parts no matter where you are. Whether you’re looking for tubes, detectors or other components, a large volume of parts are available in the second-hand market. 


If you’re renting a GE CT scanner, this ensures fast repair times and uninterrupted service since the units are easily serviceable.


Air-cooled system

You don’t need to worry about installing a chilling system for GE CT scanners. GE units are air-cooled and don’t require large reconstruction cabinets, unlike the scanners from other manufacturers. 


This means GE CT scanners will occupy less space in your facility, freeing room for other purposes. 


Reasons why facilities and hospitals rent CT scanners

There are various reasons why your medical facility may opt to rent a CT scanner.

  1. You’re looking to test the market
  2. You don’t have funds for a huge investment but have a steady operational budget
  3. Your CT suite is undergoing renovations
  4. You’re conducting a training
  5. Your existing CT scanners can’t keep up with your patients
  6. You have multiple but low-traffic sites


Renting a mobile scanner is an affordable way to equip your facility with CT without spending the upfront costs of buying a unit. 


Catalina Imaging (Why Choose Us?) is a premier mobile imaging solutions provider.  Beyond GE CT scanners, we also offer state-of-the-art equipment from Siemens and Canon/Toshiba. We offer our services nationwide from our California, Illinois, North Carolina and Minnesota facilities. 


To know more about our offerings, call us at (844) 949-1664 or fill out this form


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