How Much Does a Mobile CT Rental Cost?

How Much Does a Mobile CT Rental Cost? | blog article by Catalina Imaging

CT Scanners are a staple in any healthcare facility. It is essential to help diagnose a patient accurately. Simply put, Computerized Tomography scanning is necessary because:

  • They detect bone and joint problems
  • They spot cancer, heart disease, emphysema, liver mass
  • They show internal injuries and bleeding
  • They locate blood clots, excess fluid, infection, and/or tumors

The list goes on and on. And ideally, a healthcare facility should have a scanner or two, but not all may be able to afford their regular maintenance.

But there may be seasons of high demand, and so additional capacity, by means of mobile CT rentals, may be taken into consideration.

At a time like now when there is a COVID-19 pandemic — while the topic is a hot subject of debateCT scans may provide some assistance in the early detection or correct diagnosis of the condition. The matter is a double-edged sword, though, and medical professionals are still weighing the pros versus the cons.

How much will a Mobile CT Rental Cost?

When all reasons and factors have been considered, all you now need to know is the Cost of a Mobile CT Rental. Factors that will contribute are:

1. The length of the rent, if it will be monthly or annually
2. The capability of the machine. Depending on a given brand and the features built into a given CT machine.
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3. Aside from the rent, there are riders like:

  • The refundable security deposit
  • The transportation to and from your healthcare facility
  • The installation and de-installation fees
  • The cleaning and maintenance fees


It would be wise to study your contract very closely. In some cases, a lease may be the better option.

Why Rent a Mobile CT Machine?

There are a number of reasons why Mobile CT Rental may be the best choice for a healthcare facility. As mentioned earlier, there may be seasons of high demand, and the staple CT machine may not be enough to service all the patients.

Mobile CT Rental may be the best way to go if:

  1. There are renovations in your facility and the scanning may need to be done in a temporary space.
  2. The facility’s scanner is starting to show signs of wear and tear and you want to test a new scanner for a possible upgrade.
  3. If you are deciding whether or not to get another scanner for your facility and you want to see if two machines can be maximized.
  4. If your facility is used as a training or continuing education course and you need a machine for demonstration purposes without disrupting regular operations.
  5. If your facility needs to catch up on patient backlog especially at a time like now when there is a pandemic and further testing is necessary for some cases.
  6. In the case of a facility with multiple branches, a rented mobile CT can go from branch to branch on certain days of the week to help service patients.
  7. If you are not allowed to purchase a new machine but you can manage the rental fee in your operating budget.

Other Considerations for a Mobile CT Rental

Do not forget the importance of customer support. Choose a company that provides it 24/7; that provides added data for you; that provides insured equipment, and that offers training to your radiologists and technicians in the use of their machine.

Technology is not only updated but also state of the art. Get your money’s worth with Mobile CT Machines from GE, Toshiba, and Siemens.

Rent from Catalina Imaging

Ron Wright founded Catalina Imaging 30 years ago based on the principle of face-to-face customer contact. Understanding the urgency of maintaining equipment uptime was experienced firsthand. This experience is the foundation of Catalina Imaging today: personnel are familiar with the engineering and workings of our Mobile CT units.

Catalina Imaging also provides:

  1. Customized reliable equipment to support your clinical needs
  2. Customer support 24/7
  3. Affordability
  4. Site assistance, pre-planning, and set-up
  5. Transportation and on-time delivery
  6. Systems that meet OEM specifications or greater
  7. Equipment and trailer service maintenance
  8. Information such as current physicist surveys
  9. Trailers licensed through DOH
  10.  Fully insured equipment
  11.  Applications training (additional fees may apply)


We are there for you and with you in every step of the Mobile CT rental process, from planning your CT rental to the end of the lease. Delivery, set up, and maintenance of your Mobile CT units are not a problem because we are always there with you. We are also just a call away any time issues come up — and we mean it.

We go above and beyond simply delivering and maintaining your Mobile CT Units.



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A Final Word

How much does a Mobile CT Rental cost? At the cost of saving a life, it is absolutely priceless. Rent from the company that will make sure you have all the support you need. Rent from Catalina Imaging.

Experience our Mobile CT Scanner right now inside our mobile imaging unit. We leave you with this video: