Advantages of Renting a CT Scanner (Instead of Buying One)

Advantages of Renting a CT Scanner | Catalina Imaging

For most people, buying a CT scanner has never crossed their minds. It is not an everyday tool casually used, like a coffee machine or a waffle maker. It is a highly sophisticated device that requires the expertise of the person who will operate it, and specific, controlled environments.

However, in very particular instances, having a CT scanner around is a smart choice. Smaller hospitals, clinics, and imaging centers need this machine to provide better and more comprehensive services.

CT or CA Computerized Tomography scan utilizes x-rays to produce detailed images of the inside of the body. It is operated by licensed radiographers. A CT scan is used to provide a comprehensive examination of the bodies’ internal organs.

It is especially helpful in determining damage to bones and internal organs, blood flow issues, and tumors. For years, it has been a crucial tool in diagnosing critical illnesses in patients.

Not a lot of people understand, however, the financial burden brought about by these massive pieces of machinery. Before, it is unthinkable for smaller healthcare companies to put up CT scan imaging procedures, but with the presence of rental companies, this is now possible.

There are many advantages to renting a mobile CT scanner. Let us have a rundown.

1. Minimal investment

As mentioned previously, purchasing a CT scanner is a significant financial burden. To smaller health institutions, the cost of investment will not be outweighed by the return. For instance, a local clinic that caters to a community of 100 families will have a hard time earning back the money invested on the scanner.

By renting a CT scanner, you share this financial responsibility with others. You get the benefits of having a scanner without having to pay the full amount for each. Through a rental scheme, you are not obligated to spend much more than what you need. If you only need to provide the imaging service for a specific period of time, you may do so by renting a CT scanner for a determined time frame.

2. Mobility

A mobile CT scanner is better than a traditional one in a lot of ways. The first and most apparent reason is its mobility. Conventional machines are bulky and usually attached to a permanent location. They are heavy machines that require a lot of manpower to move and transport.

A mobile CT scanner gives you ease in transportation while providing the same quality imaging procedure. It is quite literally the same machine on wheels. The computer tomography system is housed in a trailer on wheels that allows for its mobility. Mobile CT scanner can be in one local clinic today, then in a small hospital the next day. Its mobility allows more people to benefit from this medical advancement.

3. Easier installation

It is relatively easier to set up a mobile scanner. Upon the arrival of the machine, it is placed in a secure area and plugged in. After use, it can be simply unplugged and move into a location by technicians.

4. Testing

Testing CT scans before use is part of the standard operating procedure. However, testing once or twice does not guarantee a problem-free machine. With a rental CT scanner, it will not be the same case. Since the scanner is rented out to different entities, it undergoes actual use. It is tested in real-case scenarios, which proves efficacy and performance.

5. Lower maintenance cost

Because you can return the scanner once you are done using it or once your rental expires, the maintenance cost is almost non-existent. There is no need for the medical institution or the clinic to set up a particular imaging room and maintain it. Quality assurance staff and maintenance technicians need not be hired.

6. Better patient care

Aside from these benefits, having a CT scanner also improves the quality of medical care you can provide to your patients. With the presence of a CT scanner, you provide a higher degree of care and more accurate diagnoses. There is no need to refer your patients to other hospitals that offer the service.

A Final Word on The Advantages of Renting a Mobile CT Scanner

Renting makes it possible for smaller institutions and local clinics to compete with those far bigger than them.

In this day and age, nothing is more paramount than the preservation of life and health. With the advancement in medical technology, it becomes easier to detect and cure diseases. For any medical care provider, it is a priority to have the best machinery as much as possible.

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