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The Perspective uses ADMIRE which is Siemens Model-based iterative reconstruction. This premium technology was developed on our ultra-high end systems and migrated down to the Perspective to deliver the best dose reduction software to as many patients as possible. No other vendor offers this level of technology on comparable scanners, and definitely not in a mobile environment.

In modern healthcare, patients deserve the lowest possible dose and radiologists desire the best image quality in daily routine. This is known as ALARA – the paradigm to delivery diagnostic image quality at a dose As Low As Reasonably Achievable. But the big challenge is to realize this in daily routine, e.g. time crucial settings like acute care, making many institutions step away from iterative reconstruction here. For dose reduction, Siemens already overcame this challenge with SAFIRE, its raw-data based iterative reconstruction. SAFIRE allows up to 60% dose savings at a reconstruction speed so fast, many institutions use it every single examination. But
now with ADMIRE – Siemens’ Advanced Modeled Iterative Reconstruction – images will additionally benefit from higher resolution at organ borders and improved delineation of edges, e.g. to better localize lesions. Moreover, ADMIRE smoothly integrates iterative reconstruction in daily routine. Thick slices are now reconstructed at a more natural image impression, even from ultra-low dose scans. With this, iteratively reconstructed low dose datasets can now easily be stored in PACS or on film. Therefore, ADMIRE sets a new benchmark in iterative reconstruction instead of limiting its potential for clinical routine.

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