Mobile CT Scanner - SOMATOM Perspective

Siemens Mobile CT Scanner Rental and Lease

The Perspective uses ADMIRE which is Siemens Model-based iterative reconstruction. This premium technology was developed on our ultra-high end systems and migrated down to the Perspective to deliver the best dose reduction software to as many patients as possible.



This Siemens factory serviced system comes delivered with 64 detector rows and 128 slice option included. 128 image reconstructions from each sub-second rotation of the gantry. With a 70cm gantry bore and a 70cm field of view, which is larger than the competitors 50cm field of view, and a 456 pound patient table weight limit, even your largest patients can be comfortably imaged on this system.  With a maximum  scan speed of 9.6cm/sec in 0.6mm detail mode and a small detector size of 0.6mm you get the image resolution you want in a patient and technologist friendly system.

  • Siemens factory service
  • 128 slice option included
  • 70cm gantry bore
  • 70cm field of view (all other vendors only offer 50cm)
  • Weight limit 456lbs