Inside of Catalina Imaging Mobile CT Trailer

GE Mobile CT

Catalina Imaging has invested in the most advanced fully OEM serviced mobile CTs available today. Our GE line includes The Lightspeed VCT 64/128 with ASiR. The ASiR software gives the end user a leap ahead in dose management. You will be providing your patients with the lowest dose possible without compromising image quality. The environment this unit is housed in is state of the art also. A custom full-length wall mural coupled with beautiful lighting will help your patients relax during their procedure.

GE Healthcare

General Electric Lightspeed VCT64/128 with ASiR

  • GE Factory Service
  • 128 slice option included
  • 64 sub mm slices per rotation
  • 8MHU Tube
  • GOC 6.6 Console
  • 85 KW 700mA
  • 1700mm table range
  • 500 lb weight limit on table
  • Low Dose Lung screening
  • ASiR Dose control
  • DMPR view switching
  • Exam Split
GE Lightspeed VCT 64 Machine

The Technology

The GE Lightspeed VCT 64/128 is a unit designed for advanced cardiac and neuroimaging. It can scan heart and coronary artery structures in as little as 5 heartbeats. This can all be done at a rate of 137.5mm per second with the lowest dose possible.

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