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Mobile CT Scan Toshiba

Catalina Imaging is the leading provider of Toshiba Mobile CTs in North America. Our fully OEM serviced fleet ranges from Aquilion 16 to Aquilion 64 VeloCT systems capable of 128 slice reconstructions. Full length wall murals enhanced by beautiful lighting along with a Bluetooth capable sound system help to relax both the patient and the operator. You will not find a more advanced OEM serviced Toshiba fleet anywhere else at the lowest possible rates. Give us a call today to see what Catalina can do for you.

Toshiba Aquilion 16 MultiSlice Computerized Tomography Scanner


Aquilion 16 Gantry, Couch, Operators Console, 60kW Generator

7.5 MHU MegaCool Tube, Graphics Console Computer, Erasable 4.8 GB Magnetic Disk Drive


Operating Software: 3.5, SureScan, SureStart, Contrast Monitoring, Scanogram, Image Management, Image Display, Image Enhancement, RASP (Raster Artifact Suppression Protocol), APMC (Automatic Patient Motion Correction), Reconstruction Algorithms, Dose Reduction, Helical Scan, MultiView, 3-D Imaging, Quantitative Analysis, Image Manipulation, Annotation, eXam Plan Protocols, Archiving, Filming, InnerVision, DICOM Storage SCU, DICOM Print SCU. Modality Worklist Manager (MWM) and Dicom

  • Large-aperture slip-ring gantry and extra-wide couch
  • Ergonomic operator console
  • High-frequency X-ray generator
  • High-heat-capacity X-ray tube
  • V3 software with workflow enhancements, on console Easy 3-D, advanced Quantum de-noising adaptive noise reduction filter and easy to use interface.
  • SURETechnology: Improve workflow with real-time imaging, which provides the ability to view a scan at 12 frames per second (512x512) allowing the operator to rapidly assess if additional images are needed.
  • SUREExposure – Dose modulation based on scanogram
  • SUREStart – Real-time contrast detection 12 fps. With SUREStart, there is no need to perform a timing bolus, this can allow savings of up to 30 cc’s of contrast.
  • SUREScan – Real-time helical scan display
  • SUREPlaque
  • See our Siemens mobile CT scanner or our GE mobile CT scanner.


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