The GE Revolution Discovery HD: Now Available from Catalina Imaging

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The GE Revolution Discovery HD: Now Available from Catalina Imaging

Catalina Imaging
Catalina Imaging

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The latest addition to the Catalina Imaging fleet of mobile CT scanners is the GE Revolution Discovery HD.

With the GE Revolution Discovery HD, you get better full-body tomography exams with superb quality. The  Revolution HD features Smart Technologies, a suite of intelligent CT tools designed to help you achieve your imaging goals with improved efficiency and expanded applications, all while delivering diagnostic confidence with lower levels of radiation.

The cutting-edge CT technology featured on the GE Revolution Discovery HD includes:

  • Smart Dose with kV Assist provides automated kV and mA recommendations allowing users to tailor protocols to each patient, clinical indication, and each scan area.
  • Smart Cardiac with SnapShot Assist helps you optimize cardiac scanning for individual patients based on their specific parameters.
  • Smart Spectral with GSI Assist helps you optimize GSI protocols to your patient and clinical needs.

Why You’d Want The GE Revolution Discovery HD

You and your patients continue to demand a lower dose, but not at the expense of diagnostic image quality. Revolution HD delivers on both imperatives with a number of clinical benefits:

1.  Confidence boosting clarity

Spatial and temporal resolution, signal-to-noise ratio, low-contrast detectability, and artifact reduction are all fundamental to CT image quality.

The Revolution HD offers a true diagnostic breakthrough with a best-in-class spatial resolution of 0.23 mm across the full two-meter scan length, 29 msec of temporal resolutions, and Smart MAR is designed to reveal anatomic details obscured by metal artifacts, helping clinicians diagnose disease with greater confidence.

2. Low dose made possible by iterative reconstruction

Typically, lowering dose has increased noise and image artifacts, creating a difficult balance between higher image quality and lower dose. To help you overcome these challenges and keep you on the cutting edge,

The Revolution HD offers three advanced iterative reconstruction technologies, ASiR (standard), ASiR-V (option), and Veo (option).

3. Gemstone™ Spectral Imaging (GSI) helps you make a more confident diagnosis

GSI enables you to take CT beyond classical anatomical assessment to quantitative tissue characterization and advanced functional imaging.

More than 15 applications are now in routine use including oncology, cardiology, neurology, spine, urology, and musculoskeletal.

(To learn more about GSI clinical benefits, visit the GSI image gallery and the GSI education center.)

4. Best-in-class cardiac CT

Revolution HD has a best-in-class cardiac CT spatial resolution. At 18.2 lp/cm, the system provides up to 66% greater spatial resolution than comparable systems.

Offered as an option, SnapShot™ Freeze is designed to reduce blurring artifacts due to motion in coronary vessels that cannot be addressed by gantry speed alone.

Providing up to 6x improvement while maintaining high spatial resolution, the reduction in motion artifacts is equivalent to a 0.058s equivalent gantry rotation speed with an effective temporal resolution of 29 msec.

5. Focus less on the system and more on your patients

The Xtream display prominently shows the patient name, making exams more personal. It also includes a number of educational videos that explain CT procedures or can be used as a distraction technique for younger patients. In addition, with one-stop ED mode, you can select and confirm patient, protocol and scan settings at the gantry.

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