Our Latest Addition To The Fleet: GE 750HD High Definition Imaging CT


In our pursuit to always carry the most state-of-the-art technology for our clients, we have added a new and improved GE unit to our fleet.

High Definition Imaging-GE’s high-performance system combines the benefits of the Gemstone Detector, liquid bearing tube, spectral imaging and 128 slice capability to produce the industries best spatial and contrast resolution at 230 micron spatial resolution.

Gemstone Spectral Imaging-Innovative technology which uses fast kV switching dual energy acquisition coupled with fast sampling, low afterglow and high light output scintillator detector to produce near perfectly registered dual energy.

Performix HD Tube-GE’s patented MX 240 Perseus high-performance liquid bearing tube technology produces superb image quality when combined with the Gemstone detector, while enabling Smart Technologies to deliver efficient dose modulation and longer tube life.  

GSI Cardiac-Provides enhanced coronary assessment with ability to alternate two kVp energies at .25msec for unprecedented temporal registration.  

Additional features;

  • Dynamic Z-axis tracking-low dose in helical scanning
  • GOC-6.66 Console
  • Cardiac and Neuro acquisition
  • Xtream Recon
  • Organ Dose Modulation-Automatically protect sensitive organs (eyes etc.)
  • GSI SnapShot Pulse-Intelligent Motion Correction for high heart rate cardiac CT
  • Smart MAR-Advanced metal artifact reduction technique

Call us today at (844) 949-1664 to learn more about how the GE 750HD can work for your hospital’s needs.

Catalina Imaging

Catalina Imaging

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