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What are the site requirements for a mobile CT?

A fairly level pad strong enough to support 35,000 lbs with an overhead clearance higher than 13 feet 6 inches. 480 Volt 3 phase 150 Amp power supply. Cat5 or above internet connection cable long enough to reach the trailer. For a complete list of requirements and details use this guide: Mobile CT Site Specification Guide

How long is the lease?

Depending upon availability leases can go from as little as a week to many years.

What is included in the lease?

We provide you with a fully OEM serviced CT system and Medrad injector housed in a mobile medical trailer. The trailer has a patient lift to allow gurney patients to enter. We recommend using an ER style gurney to allow more room in the trailer.

What type of systems do you offer?

We currently have Toshiba, Siemens and GE CT systems from 64 to 160 slices.

What are your service hours?

The CT scanners are under full service OEM contracts from 8AM to 5PM Monday through Friday except for holidays. Catalina Imaging can be reached 24 hours a day 7 days a week for service emergencies.

Why does Catalina Imaging use OEM service instead of 3rd party?

Although there are several very reputable 3rd party service providers available; Catalina imaging has found in the mobile world OEM service is the best choice for us. Due to the nature of our business, moving units all over the US and Canada it is difficult to find reliable coverage in every location. The OEM provides Catalina Imaging and our customers with the highest level of coverage possible at every site. Factory trained engineers backed by multiple levels of support along with a 24/7 call center meet our units to set them up, service them, and take them down. If you already have OEM service on your in-house equipment, the engineer that shows up will most likely be a familiar face. Our units are kept up to date with the most current software level and if a customer needs help they can call anytime for applications or tech support. We keep our overhead low so that we can afford to provide this level of equipment support at a very competitive rate.

What Software Rev are your scanners at?

Because we carry OEM service contracts on all of our equipment they are usually at the latest release from the manufacturer.

Can the protocols on my in-house scanner be put on the mobile unit?

If you are at a compatible software level the OEM service engineer may be able to transfer yours protocols out to the trailer. In many cases it is as if you never left your in-house CT. Your service engineer will have to be contacted to get the final answer on this though.

What is the weight limit on the scanners table?

All of our units can handle at least 450lbs.

What happens to my patient data when the lease is over?

If requested the OEM field engineer will remove patient data from the system when your lease is over and it is being prepared for transport.

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