Who can perform a CT scan?

Who can perform a CT scan?

Computer tomography or CT scan is one of the most commonly performed medical imaging examinations to date. But as with any diagnostic test, it requires a team effort. In a nutshell, this team comprises a radiologist (they head the patient care team), nurses and CT technologists. 


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The CT scan team


They are physicians with specialist training (either residency or fellowship) who are often board certified. After obtaining their doctor of osteopathy degree or medical doctorate, they undergo additional training required by the American Board of Radiology. 


The additional training includes the use and interpretation of CT images and the safety standards and protocols, allowing them to interpret the results and send a detailed report to the referring physician.


These are the other tasks performed by radiologists: 

  • Administer or oversee the contrast injection
  • Perform CT-guided biopsy procedures and other similar interventions
  • Review the information gathered from the imaging procedure
  • Communicate the results to physicians and patients 


CT technologists 

They are specially trained to operate modern CT systems and typically receive two or more years of training in computed tomography and X-ray before they obtain their certification from the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists or ARRT. 


CT technologists also perform patient examinations under the supervision of a radiologist and administer the contrast injection if required. 


Radiology nurses

They are registered or enrolled nurses who care for all patients in the radiology department (either in a hospital or a private radiology practice). 


Radiology nurses routinely check IVs, monitor vital signs, administer medications and help patients with their personal needs.  


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Ways to promote a smooth workflow in your CT scan department

Ways to promote a smooth workflow in your CT scan department

For hospital or diagnostic imaging managers, one of the critical indicators of success is a smooth department workflow in which the patients are happy, the uptime is impressive, and all the stakeholders are efficient and stress-free (or at least most of the time). 


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Create an environment where everyone is accountable 

If you want your department to be efficient and patient-centered, the most important thing you need to do is create a system where everyone is accountable for their job. For instance, you need to designate people who will be responsible for ensuring that the patients are reminded a day or two before their scheduled test or a staff who will focus on taking a quick consulting call from a physician.


Listen to the stakeholders’ feedback

If you’re having problems like high employee turnover rate, high number of patient “no-shows” downtime, delays, etc., you need to meet with your team and ask for their feedback. 


Perhaps you need to add hours to accommodate the growing number of patients? Or maybe improve customer service and communications? Whatever it is, listening to your staff’s input shows that their welfare and opinion matter to you. 

Provide customer support training

Everyone in the team should know how to handle customer complaints and concerns, which is why you need to provide customer service training. It doesn’t have to be exhaustive; just a basic set of communication skills like saying, “I can help you find someone who can address your problem,” rather than telling a patient, “I can’t help you.”


Create an efficient system to avoid long waits

Long waits reduce patient satisfaction and affect your reputation and productivity. As a result, you need to adopt these strategies to avoid this issue: 

  • Frequent and transparent communications between patients and staff. For instance, someone should remind the patients a week, one day and a few hours before their scheduled CT scan. In short, transparency and excellent communications can go a long way. 
  • Speed up service time.
  • Implement a queue management system (in-location and even virtual queue if possible). 
  • Utilize queue data to optimize staffing. 


Reliability and Customer Service Key to Injector Uptime and CT Department Workflow

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