7 Effective Marketing Tips for Your Hospital or Medical Facility

7 Effective Marketing Tips for Your Hospital or Medical Facility

Whether you’re satisfied with your current patient volume or trying to increase it, you need to keep up with today’s healthcare consumerism that demands hospitals and medical facilities to connect with people through patient-centric marketing. 


Furthermore, today’s patients expect healthcare providers to be as innovative and digitally advanced as any other industry. As a result, a growing number of hospitals and medical facilities feel the need to find a reliable mobile CT scanner provider such as Catalina Imaging. 


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Read on below to learn more about marketing tips for hospitals and medical facilities. (source: Catalina Imaging)


Use social media 

This platform allows you to brand your medical facility as an innovative and patient-centric organization that adapts to the current technology and consumer trend. For example, you can post photos and videos showing the state-of-the-art mobile CT scanners you’re using in your facility. 


Other social media best practices you need to keep in mind:

  • Promote user engagement (e.g., respond to comments and inquiries).
  • Use professional-looking photos and videos.
  • Use descriptive but short captions for your content.
  • Repost blogs and other relevant content from your website.


Improve your search engine optimization

SEO is the process of improving the quality and quantity of traffic to your website. And when you take full advantage of this practice, your facility will rank higher on the search engine results page every time people type their queries in the search bar. 

There are numerous techniques that can help you improve your SEO, however, these are the most important ones: 

  • Ensure that your web page has a decent loading speed.
  • Optimize your links. 
  • Use website design that leans more toward minimalism for easy navigation and quick loading. 
  • Produce high-quality content, including regular blog posts. 
  • Use keywords and key phrases.
  • Optimize your URLs.
  • Allow people to share your web content on other channels like social media. 
  • Optimize your website for mobile users. 
  • Set up your medical facility on Google Business. 


You may want to hire an SEO consultant or a team of digital marketing professionals (e.g., web developers and content creators) rather than have a full-time employee to manage your online presence. 


Provide patient-centered service 

Nothing beats word-of-mouth marketing in which satisfied clients talk positively about your facility after receiving excellent medical care and attention. 

From state-of-the-art equipment like a mobile CT scanner and timely access to required services to reduced redundancy and excellent communications with patients, there are many ways you can brand your hospital as a patient-centric facility. 


Be consistent in your healthcare branding 

You need to set yourself apart from other healthcare providers–this is where branding comes into play. 

Contrary to popular belief, a brand is not just about logos and other recognizable markers; more importantly, it is an intangible marketing concept that helps people identify an organization. Simply put, it’s anything that makes your hospital or medical facility stand out. 


Does your facility have a spa-like environment, or is it more like a family-friendly place? Are you mostly known for your excellent patient care, your state-of-the-art facility, or both? Make sure to highlight these “features” as part of your branding strategy. 


Define your target audience

It’s not just about targeting people from a certain geographic area but also patients with specific needs and expectations. Again, knowing your brand (or creating one) can help you define your target audience and create a marketing strategy (and message) that speaks their language and reflects their values and needs. 


Keep your current clients happy

Do you know it’s more cost-effective to keep your existing clients happy than chase new ones? For this reason, why not send birthday cards and text reminders for follow-up appointments, and make small but personalized gestures that show you value your relationship with them?


Establish your facility as an authority in your specific field 

First and foremost, establishing your facility as an authority in your specific field of medicine requires that you know your brand. Another way to do this is to invest in equipment or partner with a reliable medical equipment provider such as Catalina Imaging


Mobile CT Rental: GE | Canon/Toshiba | Siemens


If you need a provider of state-of-the-art mobile CT scanners that offers 24/7 customer support, affordability, and reliable trailer service and maintenance, contact Catalina Imaging at (844) 949-1664 or info@catalinaimaging.com. 

Top 5 New 2022 Healthcare Trends

Top 5 New Healthcare Trends

As the healthcare sector continues to manage through the pandemic and expects its lingering disruptive effects in the coming years, it needs to depend on collaboration, digitization and innovation to stay ahead of the competition. 


Catalina Imaging, a leading mobile CT scanner provider with service and storage locations in different parts of the US, shares these top 5 healthcare trends that are expected to continue in the coming years. 



The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the healthcare sector to adopt telemedicine not just to limit the spread of the virus but also to decongest hospitals, clinics and other similar facilities and prevent overwhelming the providers and the clinical supplies. 

Additionally, telemedicine benefits elderly patients and people in remote areas where quality healthcare is not readily accessible. 



Financial pressures continue to be a prevalent issue as healthcare providers are finding ways to manage their operational costs and capital expenditures like the purchase of new equipment. As a result, a growing number of small- and medium-sized hospitals and clinics are partnering with mobile CT scanner providers like Catalina Imaging. 

Mobile CT scanners are “fixed” inside a trailer, which can be moved from different locations and operate in varying weather conditions thanks to its built-in heating and air conditioning system.


Revenue diversification 

US hospitals had around $320 billion in losses due to the impact of the COVID-19, according to a 2020 AHA report. This has prompted stakeholders to realize the importance of revenue diversification to limit the risks of unpredictable patient volumes, pandemics, and other disruptive events. 

One common way hospitals can diversify their revenue stream is through collaboration with pharma and tech companies which need data to create a profitable product that improves productivity and enhances patient care. 

Collaboration between hospitals and pharma/tech companies not only means additional funding but also the invention of systems that can improve patient experience and care. 


Smart automation and artificial intelligence 

The use of smart automation and AI eliminates or at least reduces time-consuming workloads, shifting them to a virtual workforce built specifically to manage high-volume tasks. With this added support, medical providers will have more time to focus on direct patient care and other things that require higher priorities. 


Workforce diversity 

With the country’s aging population, healthcare providers are finding ways to replace the retiring baby boomers. But to do this, they need to strengthen their inclusion and diversity programs.


Studies show that diverse teams and inclusive cultures generate better results, such as higher employee retention, better problem-solving methods, and greater engagement among members. 


2022 Healthcare Trends 

The healthcare trends explained above have only “scratched the surface” as stakeholders have identified other notable changes and innovative technologies that are taking stem cell therapy, robotics, genetic testing, and 3D bioprinting to the next level. 


Meanwhile, CT scan technology has also seen some dramatic improvements in recent years. For example, Catalina Imaging’s new mobile CT scanners deliver the same quality of image at a significantly reduced radiation dose.


To learn more about mobile CT scanners or if you need to partner with a reliable provider of this medical imaging technique, contact Catalina Imaging at (844) 949-1664 or info@catalinaimaging.com.


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