What to Look for in a CT Scanner Service Provider

If you are a radiologist manager or hospital administrator, choosing the “right” mobile CT scanner service provider might be a daunting task because you have to consider the service fee, the type of equipment they offer, and the nitty-gritty details of their contract.

To help you choose the right service provider, we compiled a list of things you should always consider.


When we say experience, we are not just referring to the number of years a CT scan engineer has spent to hone his expertise, but also the service provider’s experience in handling a specific model and brand. For this reason, a GE CT engineer with a decade of knowledge may not be the best one to work on a Siemens scanner (and vice versa).

The general rule of thumb is to ask the provider’s “preferred” CT scan brands and models if you want to assess their level of expertise and experience.

Availability of parts

It is advisable to choose a service provider that stocks their own inventory of mobile CT scanner parts. In this way, they won’t have a hard time finding a replacement part in the event that this medical equipment breaks down.

Providers that keep their own replacement parts can help you save money because you don’t have to pay for the shipping cost. Additionally, you don’t have to wait for days, or worse, weeks, just for the parts to arrive on your doorstep.

Simply put, you can avoid additional expenses and prolonged downtime if you partner with a service provider that keeps their own replacement part inventory.

Customer Service

Always choose a provider that offers a customer-focused service, meaning they should maintain an open line of communication, including weekends and holidays. In addition, they should be able to resolve problems (for example, the CT scan needs repair or tune-up) as quickly as possible. Hence, you may want to partner with a local service provider whose engineers live just a short drive from your facility.

Reasonable Service Fee

Opt for a CT scan service provider that offers reasonable service fees and discounts. For instance, some companies offer a discount if you agree to a long-term lease, i.e., a minimum of one year.

Of course, price should not be the only consideration when choosing a provider. Keep in mind that the quality of service trumps all other factors.

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Reasons Why Medical Facilities Rent Mobile CT Scanners

Toshiba Prime 160-slice Mobile CT Scanner

Most hospitals and medical facilities that choose to rent mobile CT scanners than purchase this medical imaging equipment do so because of the upfront cost. As of this writing, the cost of new ct scanners greatly varies between $285,000 and $2.1 million.

Why Do Medical Facilities Rent Mobile CT Scanners?

They are running a training or education course.

Hospitals and medical facilities that offer training often need to rent a mobile CT scanner, so their own imaging equipment is not tied up to their education course. Usually, they opt for a long-term lease (a minimum of one year) to enjoy a huge discount.

They need a trial run.

Newly established medical facilities may want to conduct a “trial run” before they purchase their own [fixed] CT scan, which of course, involves a considerable investment that can reach millions of dollars. Once they can establish sustainable foot traffic–i.e., enough patients who need this imaging procedure–they may proceed to buy their own scanner.

On the other hand, if the trial run shows that the number of patients every month fluctuates significantly, they may want to stick to the leasing arrangement at least for the meantime.

Their fixed CT scanners are under renovation or maintenance.

If the hospital’s current CT suite is under maintenance or renovation, they need to rent this mobile CT scan to continue providing this imaging procedure that is commonly used in detecting injuries, abnormal growth, and damage in bones, blood vessels, and internal organs.

There is a backlog of patients.

Some medical facilities experience a sudden spike of backlogs that affect the quality of patient care. Hence, hospitals rent CT scanners from time to time to make sure that they can keep up with the demand.

Purchasing a fixed CT scanner may not be a sound investment.

Some hospital networks prefer to rent mobile CT scanners than to equip each site with its own CT suite to save money. This is ideal if not every medical facility site receives enough foot traffic to justify buying an expensive imaging equipment.

When partnering with hospital networks, a mobile CT rental can have its trailer run a route and then stop at each site for a couple of days.

They need to preserve their working capital and cash flow.

Having a fixed CT suite is a huge investment that can reach millions of dollars. For this reason, small hospitals and medical facilities opt for a long-term lease to preserve their working capital and cash flow.

Leasing laboratory equipment is usually ideal for medical facilities that need to reinvest more capital into the core operations of their business.

(Note: Medical machinery is generally hard to resell, which further makes it ideal to lease it than purchase one if the medical facility needs to improve their working capital.)

They want to improve patient care.

In the past, people from small towns needed to travel long distances just to undergo CT scans from city hospitals. But with the advent of mobile CT scanners, patients will simply need to go to their local hospitals to receive this imaging procedure.

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