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A little more than 30 years ago Ron Wright (founder of Catalina Imaging) was a service engineer for General Electric Medical Systems. The roots of Catalina Imaging started there with face to face customer contact. From the beginning understanding the urgency of maintaining equipment up time was experienced firsthand. That experience is very much a foundation of what we believe at Catalina Imaging today. Unlike other Mobile imaging companies Catalina Imaging has personnel familiar with the engineering of how all of the equipment works in the Mobile CT units we provide.

The roots of Catalina Imaging started there with face to face customer contact
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New customers are surprised when they experience the “service advocate” relationship Catalina Imaging provides. Service capabilities are further enhanced with outstanding communication with our customers. Radiology Managers in particular enjoy the fact that all service regarding the mobile units is tracked by Catalina Imaging minute by minute and update reports are provided in real time. Our customers don’t find themselves asking “What’s the status” or when will the service engineer be here”. This is primarily the reason that Catalina Imaging has grown to become a leading CT mobile provider.


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